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VGMA 2022: Appietus clash with Afriyie Wutah on radio for not crediting him for ‘Country Hot’



Afriyie Wutah was the one nominated for that award.

As a result of this disclosure, Andy Dosty, the host of DayBreak Hitz, interviewed the three people to bring clarity to what seemed like a murky situation.

Wei Y3 Oteng, who has bemoaned the seeming disregard of sound engineers in the country, pointed out that the moment he heard the song, he realized Appietus had somewhat worked on it, although he had no confirmation.

This led him to “reach out” to Appietus to find out if he indeed worked on the song.

According to him, his initial thoughts were “vindicated” by Appietus who “laughed” when he asked him about the song.

He indicated that Appietus said “Afriyie came to him with a production and he added some few chords, mixed and mastered the song.”

However, Afriyie who said nobody should be “surprised” by his nomination further pointed out that, he was “in charge of the entire project. I put together the musicians. We recorded the song in my house.”

As he disagreed with the Wei Y3 Oteng and didn’t understand what he wanted to “achieve” by raising the issue, he said “we need to explain the responsibilities of a sound engineer, then we can get some things clear. Every instrument you hear on the song, apart from the keyboard and the base and lead guitar, I played them myself.”

However, Afriyie made it explicit that Appietus did the “final touches.”

Afriyie was emphatic when he said, “a sound engineer is not the one who mixes and masters a work, no.”

Listening in, Appiatues laughed and said “he doesn’t know what he is saying.”

“I’m not going to fight for an award with you. I’ve done this for over 20 years. Maybe he wants it badly, I have won many awards. They should give it to him if that is what he wants. Because what you tell Charter House is what they will base their final decision on. So, if you don’t tell them the truth, they have no choice than to say so,” Appietus said.

He went on to say that the claims of Afriyie suggest he doesn’t do anything as a sound engineer.

“Because if 4X4 had told Charter House when they were submitting their song, ‘Y3se Y3se’ that I just did the final touches but we {4X4} did everything then that means I don’t do anything when artistes bring their songs.”

To clarify the definition of the category, Andy Dosty read it out per what the VGMA has put out.

“Audio engineer is the engineer or engineers directly responsible for the recording, mixing and technical production of the song adjudged as the record of the year.”

Appietus said although he “did” the mixing his name was not submitted by Afriyie.

When asked if he added Appietus as part of the engineers, he said “if we do that then we are going to have the whole team in the production as part of the project.”

And reiterated that he credited Appietus on Facebook.

“Did you add my name?” Appietus asked

“Next time I will add your name,” Afriyie answered.

“You should have done the right thing. I’m not going to argue with you over this. If you had told them I had mixed the song, they would have just have added me. They wouldn’t disqualified you obviously because according to their definition, if you say you are the one who recorded it and Appietus mixed it, then it’s done.

“I did two parts in it and you also did two parts in it. So, you shouldn’t have taken my name out. I mixed, I mastered, you produced the sound and then recorded it. It would have only been fair if you told Charter House this. They would have known what to do, because they are professionals. But if you don’t tell them and you tell them you did everything, they would take my name out and put you there. According to their definition, I was in there but you didn’t add me,” he said.

Afriyie retorted that when he sent the song to Appietus, it was “a complete song.”

Appietus in a near rage said “It’s your song but you brought it to me unsolicited. You see how some of these artistes behave? Why did you bring a complete song to me? To do what? To listen to what?”

According to the PRO of the VGMA, Robert Klah, they reached out to Afriyie to find out if he mastered and mixed the song and he said he did.

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Govt sets up 3-member committee to find solution to Bulgarian Embassy land saga



This move comes as an outcome from the meeting between the Bulgarian Ambassador to Nigeria with accreditation to Ghana, Yanko V. Yordanov and the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel A. Jinapor in Accra.

The Minister said: “You will recall that Justice Retired Kwasi Anto Ofori-Atta recommended that I use my good offices to find an amicable solution to this issue and this is what has culminated to this meeting with the Bulgarian Ambassador.”

“I look forward to building a relationship that goes way beyond the land matters into discussing bigger issues.”

The Minister expressed his profound gratitude to the Envoy for his leadership, sense of solidarity and corporation and on behalf of the Government and people of Bulgaria.

The Minister also thanked the President for showing tremendous skill and diplomacy in his leadership and his involvement in dealing with the matter.

He assured the Envoy that the desire of the President Akufo-Addo in solving the matter is one that he in his capacity as the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, will follow through to the letter.

The Bulgarian Ambassador to Ghana, Yanko Yordanov thanked the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources and the President of the Republic for their personal intervention and commitment in resolving the impasse between the Bulgarian Embassy and the Private Developer.

“Bulgaria is thankful to each and every Ghanaian institution, Parliament and especially the Presidency and I’m very hopeful that with the support of these institutions, we will find a lasting solution to this,” he said.

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Gospel musician Joseph Matthew says he’s not a Christian



In an interview on Hitz FM, the singer said “I am not a Christian, {but} I sing to glorify the name of God and Jesus Christ.”

The ‘Hallelujah’ singer pointed out that Jesus Christ referred to His followers “disciples” and not “Christians.”

In a bid to substantiate his assertions he said, “a Christian is an individual who belongs to a religious group called Christianity.”

Matthew’s point of view has generated debate among social media users. Some support his claims whereas others describe him as “confused.”

Responding to the section that thinks he is disoriented, the singer said “I think we {are} living in a generation where we are seeking the truth. We are tired of being told what to do. Now we can get the scriptures, we can learn it ourselves.

“If you do not understand what I am saying, you can go and google. Don’t take my word for it. If I am telling the lie, the scriptures are there,” he added.

In his most recent song, ‘Blessed,’ released on the April 23, 2022, the singer is heard singing, “God has already blessed me, I don’t need any Holy water on my head.”

The lyrics caused a controversy among many people. They were asking if the ‘Nyame Ye’ hitmaker was taking a swipe at Pastors who are fond of anointing Church members with ‘Holy Water.’

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I’ve not been sacked from UTV, never had twins – Nana Ama McBrown (WATCH)



Day by day, new rumours surface about her absence and she has had enough. Accordingly, the actress is breaking her silence over her absence on TV.

You have not been seeing me, people are asking ‘has she been sacked from UTV?’ why what’s going on and all that. Your excellency Nana Ama McBrown is doing so well, I have been good,” she said in a video sighted by

She continued that “I am not used to responding to issues but people are just making a lot of stories about your lovely, bubbly and original entertainer. People are keeping you guys in suspense and I don’t like it“.

Affirming her good relationship with Despite Media, she said ” the news has been around, they said I have been sacked from UTV, no I have not been sacked. We are family, UTV is home, I have not been sacked. I don’t want to say I can not be sacked, who am I?

The actress in the video shared on her YouTube channel also discarded reports that she is pregnant or has given birth. “The latest news I heard about myself … I have read fake news about me pregnant again or me given to twins,” she said.

“That would have been so lovely but I bet you I have not given birth and my only biological child is baby Maxin,” she said. In the video below, she added that “I have a lot children, my stepchildren but I just want to say that I am not pregnant and I have not given birth“.

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