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Judicial bias, dictatorship of the majority are dangerous for democracy – Rev. Opuni warns



The lecture was under the theme “The Church as an Agent for Consolidating Democracy, Economic Transformation, and Social Equity in Ghana: Prospects and Challenges”.

Dr Opuni Frimpong made special mention of the judiciary, the legislature, security agencies, and academic institutions as some of the institutions that are crucial to every country’s survival, hence politicians must take their hands off them.

He referred to other African countries where politicians went on the tangent of manipulating their institutions to favour their parochial interests and how they are suffering from political instability as a result.

“Our judiciary, the legislature, security agencies, academic institutions we must make sure that our democracy is strong, strong to the point that it serves all but if we give impression that if you belong to this class of people or group of people you will always get what you want but if you don’t belong to this class of people that is what we call dictatorship of the majority it is as dangerous as dictatorship from say military,” he said, as quoted by

Dr Opuni Frimpong added that Ghana might not be in a military regime, but “dictatorship of the majority” must be checked, saying it is tantamount to military dictatorship.

“We must be careful about politicization of state institutions. We are aware recently statement by the Hon. Minister of National Security is causing trouble here and there. But I want to take it as a caution statement that we must be very careful.

“So, we should not only have our eyes on dictatorship coming from the military but dictatorship coming from the majority is equally dangerous and Ghana must avoid dictatorship from the majority and the way to do it is to free state institutions from over politicisation”.

Dr. Opuni Frimpong is not the only person to have warned against the politicization of vital state institutions. In an earlier report, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, advocated for the protection of certain key institutions from control and abuse by politicians.

Asiedu Nketia, popularly known as General Mosquito, said this in an interview with journalists on the sidelines of a forum organized by the Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG) on Friday, April 22.

According to him, some politicians, whom he referred to as elected autocrats, who see such vital institutions as limitations on their power if left independent, will do everything possible to compromise them in order to have a field day.

A report by said he mentioned the Electoral Commission (EC), the courts, tax authorities, and the media as some of the institutions that power-hungry politicians would always want to capture and silence.

“The institutions we are talking about, the courts are very important, the media are very important, other civil society organizations, the Electoral Commission, the tax authorities, Parliament.

“These are institutions that are calibrated in very democracy to regulate the use of power and check abuse of power but these are the very institutions when they fall into the hands of autocrats they begin capturing them, sort of compromising them, weakening them because the autocrats want to see those institutions as limitations on their power, or incumbrances that needs to be removed,” General Mosquito said, as quoted by the news website.

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TikTok Star: Jackline Mensah sizzles in birthday photos



To commemorate her 20th birthday, she took to social media, Instagram precisely, to share dazzling photos from her birthday shoots and netizens and fans are in awe.

In a series of photos sighted by, The influencer is seen in two different stunning regalia. She dazzled rocking a sparkling purple dress with elaborate sleeves for the first outfit which she ‘teased’ fans showing her flawless skin.

Jackeline’s second look was an ethereal emerald-colored dress with its base designed beautifully like a fishtail dress. The dress brought out her voluptuous physique like never seen before over the ‘legally blonde’ frontal wig she had on.

She captioned the lovely photos :

“+1 Cheers to my new age. On this day I celebrate on. Thank you God for the gift of life. Thank you for all the wonderful things you keep doing in my life. It’s my day say a prayer for me. “

Social social media comments from fans and celebrity friends:

1.Actress @Yvonnenelson reacted:

“Happy Birthday baby girllll”

2.Clemento Suarez commented:

“Happy birthday super star. I’m always proud of you”

“Happy birthday superstar! More blessing”

4Jenni_frank commented stating:

“My baby girl. Happy birthday”

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Van Vicker and his wife enjoy vacation in Spain



The happy duo may have just taken some time off their busy schedule to let their heads down on some of the most rejuvenating beaches in the heart of Spain.

A photo on Van Vicker’s page on Instagram shows a beautiful moment captured along the seashore of him together with his wife beaming in their white vacation regalia.

Van is seen in white shorts beautifully matching his white wavy shirt which he flaunts his chiseled abs with an open button whiles Adwoa takes us on a summer cruise in similar outfits but with a bit of skin display; a vacation summer tradition.

The vacation photo on Van Vicker’s page was captioned:

” A little mollycoddle helps with “

Van Vicker has consistently expressed how much his significant other means to him publicly. Earlier this year, on January 24 when Adjoa Vicker turned 45, the award-winning actor indicated that he would go to any length to let the world know how his wife means to him and their children.

He captioned a lovely message for his wife who turned 45 and recounted how he met her when she was only 17 years old, adding that it was the first birthday he spent with her.

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Meet Robert Augustus Aban, the man behind most jaw-dropping events photos online



He has a reputable brand for his photography firm being one of the top-notch photographers Ghana can boast of.

Rob Augustus was recently announced the official photographer for Ghana Music Awards UK, Ghana Music Awards USA and one of Ghana’s leading tour agencies, Kayatours.

Robert Aban has taken shots for eventful ceremonies such as; Ghana Music Awards UK, Ghana FIFA Awards 2018, Rapperholic, Bhim Concert 2018, Kaya Tour, 3Music Awards, and Afrima Awards as the lead photographer.

The award winning photographer is often seen with BET award-winning artist, Stonebwoy, sarkodie, and radio personality Abeiku Santana , Bolaray .

In recent photos from the famous Ghanaian photographer, Robert Abban has captured with his lens more of Ghana, Kenya, UK, South Africa, Dubai, Soa Tome, Germany, France and other countries’ tourism sites making him a tourism photographer as well.

Rob’s career in photography took off when he realized there is no limit to the value of goods that can be created or transmitted through continuous refinement of art, tempered by his own imperfection and desire to achieve new heights of personal interest.

He enrolled at Zepto Professional Training Institute, Accra – Ghana, where he studied cinematography full time with a high degree of concentration and determination.

That is when he fell in love with photography and married it. Since acquiring the fundamentals of photography education, he graduated to become the renowned talented photographer he is today.

He later founded Rob Multimedia in Accra to provide professional photography services for events, celebrations, weddings, blogging, printing companies, tourism, and journalism.

Robert has worked as an official photographer for Ghana Music Awards Uk , Ghana Music Awards USA, Ghana Entertainment Awards USA , Kayatours, Stonebowy, sarkodie and Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, CEO of Despite Group Of Companies.

Using his camera lenses, he is able to separate human life into a collection of moments, each of which has the meaning of a full lifetime.

Rob Photography has been named the 2019 Best Event Photographer of the Year.

In August 2019, rob won the Best Event Photographer of the Year Award At Ghana Events, won IPA Awards as (international photographer) in 2021 also won best events Photographer at GSH (Ghana style Awards 2022) .

In 2021 Ghana Music Awards USA honored Robert Augustus Abban on this support to the music industry.

To Robert Abban, he advises that upcoming photographers should stay focused on their dreams and work hard at it and not to put trust in anyone.

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